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by Naedelys Ortiz

When I started Crossroads I met a friend name Amy . She’s funny, pretty with light hazel eyes, really long curly black hair, and she’s very smart. We really got along. She helped me make my Google account in computer science because I left my phone at home that day and i was supposed to bring my phone to that class.

When we went outside after lunch In a beautiful sunny and hot day, she wanted to walk past by a group of boys that we didn’t get to meet yet because it was only like our first day at this school and we didn’t get to meet everyone. I guessed she wanted attention. I didn’t want to go because I don’t want to get any guy’s attention. I don’t worry about guys especially guys that I didn’t even know well. I still went with her but I didn’t get close. I didn’t want people to think that I’m a person that likes to hang out with boys.

The next day, we met another friend and she was the same way as Amy. They are really loud, but again they’re funny and good people to talk to, but the problem was that  they both like talking to guys. Amy told her friend to go up to a guy and ask him what was his race and to ask him what was his name. My other friends and I didn’t want to be involved, so we just stayed and watched. As soon as Amy and her friend went up to that group of boys, they all moved away from her like they didn’t like to talk to females, and they also looked scared. My friends and I started laughing, but at the same time I felt bad because Amy and her friend looked like they were embarrassed. That was the last thing I wanted to happen. I care about Amy and I don’t want her to feel bad for herself. I decided to talk to her about a couple of things.

The next day, I told my friend Amy that if a guy doesn’t talk to her or hit her up first, then that means that the guys are not worried about her and that they are not interested. I came to Crossroads to get a good education, achieve my goals, and to get back into my correct grade, not to worry about boys. I told my other friends what I thought about Amy and they agreed. Amy already liked five or six guys or was interested in them and that bothered me. I wished Amy wasn’t like that because our friendship was breaking apart. Now, I’m not talking to her like I use to because now she talks to this guy at school and is with him every single minute she has time to be with him, she doesn’t even hang out with me or talk to my friends and I at lunch time or at recess. She looks and acts like a Barbie doll. I need real friends, not fake friends.

I was as sweet as a chocolate bar to her and she told me before that she never had a great friend like me. Than why treat me this way? She betrayed me and my other friends. I thought she was going to be like my best friend because we have a lot in common and she reminded me so much of my cousin except for that attitude. She also has bad attitude problems. She’s always yelling and judging people like a mean monster.

Alot of students don’t like her in this school and it makes me feel awful for her. They start rumors about her saying that she laugh so loudly and that she supposedly doesn’t like African American people, which I know she didn’t say. But people just don’t like her and I am trying to help her be a better person, but she never listens to me.

She only talk to us when she doesn’t have anyone to talk to at times or whenever she needs help in class work. I’m upset that she cares more about a guy more than she cares about her friends. My friends and I decided to not really talk to her. Amy always comes to school with too much make up on. She always think she’s perfect or prettier than everyone else. I don’t want or need a friend like that. A friend that shows off too much is not my type. I wish Amy would change, but it’s difficult to change someone like that.

I already know not to trust her like I thought I could’ve. I haven’t told her how I feel yet because I don’t want to start any drama in this school already. I’m not going to be mean or ignorant, I think she just needs time to realize what she’s turning into. I’ll still talk to her, but not as much as before. I hope some day she realizes to do the right things and she should care more about her education than of people that don’t care about her. The boy that she likes and that “friend” doesn’t like her, and they say mean things about her behind her back. She should look at the other side of her, which is me and my other friends. We do care for her and we even love her. We’re going to be there for her but we not always going to be waiting for her. I said, it’s hard to change a person like her, but at the same time I have no right to change a person’s personality. If that’s how they are, then let them be themselves. No one has the right to change a person to something they are not.

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Graduation Trip

On Monday, June 16, 2014, we will set sail aboard the Spirit of Philadelphia to enjoy a lunchtime cruise and historical tour along the Delaware River. Wow ! On our graduation trip, we’re going to The Spirit Of Philadelphia!

We will meet up there at 11:00 a.m. You can only bring/ invite adults.($35 per guest).

Spirit of Philadelphia’s one of the best places in the city to dine, dance and sightsee. Cruising year-round from Penn’s Landing, Spirit offers lunch, dinner, moonlight and holiday cruises like Father’s Day, plus dozens of themed cruises.

“Turnt” Up On Graduation!

You are allow to wear anything, but you have to wear something real nice.

-No Jeans

-No Sweat Pants

-No Uniform

-Only wedges heels

-Make sure your clothes are clean.

-Dress nicely

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined!” - Henry David Thoreau

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“Daddy please don’t go! Don’t leave me and Mommy. We need you!” I cried while holding on to his right leg.

“Baby I’ll be back soon. I have to protect our country. Protecting this country is protecting you and your mother, and you guys mean the world to me. I love you so much baby; You’re the best thing that appeared in my life. I’ll be back soon having dinner with you guys again. You and your mother will stay in my heart forever until the end.” My papa says to me while holding me so tight as the taxi driver beeps the horn once again.

Mama and papa gave each other their last kiss good-bye and kiss me on my forehead. He gets in his taxi and waves at us, shedding in tears while I hold mama and ask her when will he be back. All she said was, “Soon honey, soon.”

Last month was the best time of my life. We went on a family vacation to Orlando Florida. Papa took us to Disney World and Seaworld. We stayed in a fancy hotel, and every morning we went to the beach and pool. I had the best time with Mama and Papa. We have an amazing family. I wouldn’t ask for anything better.

I’m in 5th grade. I’ve always had honor roll. Papa was always proud of my work. I’m intelligent just like him. Some day I’d like to go to the Marines just like him, but I miss him so much. I’ve been struggling just because I’ve been thinking too much about him. I don’t know how other children could live separated from their fathers without caring. A father is a man that cares and love his children and works hard to maintain his family happy. My dad always told me that when I get older and have my boyfriend that he nor any other boys would never love me as much as Papa did.

Every day after school I lay down on my parents’ bed and hug Papa’s pillow, and before I go to sleep, I wear one of Papa’s shirt and sleep with it. When I wake up I always run to the phone waiting for Papa’s calls. We spend about Twenty-five minutes on the phone because I have to go to school and he’s always busy. He told me that he’s doing great and that he likes his job; but that he miss mama and I very much and that he can’t wait to see us.

I’ve been following the same routine every day and every night. Days and months have pass by and still haven't seen my papa. we’re a week away from new years. When papa called I asked him if I will see him on new years and he told me that he won’t be able to be there. My heart was broken in pieces. I can’t believe that I won’t spend this new years without papa. New years won’t be the same without him. He’s a puzzle piece of my heart. I feel almost empty without him by my side. Mama been crying every night and I hate to see her like that too.

It has almost been a year and I’m almost finishing 7th grade. I write letters to papa now. He calls once in a while because now he’s not allowed to call as much. He has been busy. I decided to send papa a picture of me and I ask for one in return. Papa told me that he couldn’t believe how quick I’ve grown and that I look as beautiful as mama. I looked at his picture while tears came down my eyes. Papa look so strong and fancy looking with his marine suit holding a sign saying “Daddy’s Little Girl” I love the picture. I showed mama and she smiled at me holding me tight while I kiss her forehead. She told me that dad will be back and to just wait a little more .We took a copies of the picture and put it in a picture frame and hung it up in the living room.

Another year pass by and I’m almost graduating 8th grade. I know papa won’t be able to be here but mama will make sure to send him pictures of me. I won’t think too much about papa not being here because I know that he would’ve been here cheering for me if he could and plus this is a special occasion for me and I’m suppose to be happy.

Months pass by and summer vacations were over and now I’m in high school. I’m turning 15 next week. I remember papa told me that I was going to have the biggest quinceanera ever and that he was going to make it the best birthday of my life but all I really need right now is my father to be here with us, I wouldn’t ask for anything better.

Today is my birthday. Mama told me to stay home so we can spend my birthday shopping and going out to eat. I got in the shower and got dressed. Mama took me to the beauty salon and took me to get my nails done. We were on our way to the mall. When we got there, she asked me if I was hungry. I nodded and told her that I wanted to go to the papa’s favorite buffet restaurant because I know he would’ve brought me there. When we arrived to the buffet, mama asked for a table for two but I kind of saw her wink at the lady. While we followed the lady leading us to our table, I see my father sitting down waiting for me with a huge birthday cake. I ran towards him and hugged him so tight. Tears of joy came down our eyes. Mama and papa started singing happy birthday to me while tears kept falling down my eyes. Papa haven't let go of me, he kept kissing my forehead and hugging mama by the other side of his arms. We were so happy. I told mama that I didn’t want to go shopping any more because my birthday wish already came true.

     The End

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Mr. Southerton

Writing 1

22 January 2014

Birth Control and Teens

Teenage girls should be allowed to be on birth control without the permission of their parents. The problem is that if they do have to ask permission from their parents, they might not let them be on birth control.  Also These teenage girls might be having sexual reactions with a friend or boyfriend and might end up pregnant in an early age or might have to have an abortion and lose their first baby/child.

Teenage girls should be allowed to be on birth control without parental permission so they can be safe and not end up pregnant. If girls get pregnant in an early age, they won’t be able to finish their school or take care of the baby the way a child suppose to be treated. Since many parents doesn’t allow their teenage girls be on birth control, many of them will try to do many things behind their backs and even change their attitudes toward their parents.

According to KontrolMag.com, it states that “Currently teenage pregnancies are on the rise, therefore birth control is often utilized and needed by the teenage population. Without it pregnancy rates are high and affects the lives of those who are the recipients of it” (Larisa).

Some people believe that their parents should be strict with their teenage girls and put them on household then they won't be able to have sex and not get pregnant.Many teenage girls get kidnapped and raped and get pregnant that way and have a criminals’ child because their parents didn’t allow them to be on birth control when they ask to be on them.

According to Ucsf.edu, It states that “Parents perceptions of their daughters likelihood to have sex their parenting beliefs, their own sexual health as teens and their knowledge of sexually transmitted infections. The researchers then examined the influence of these factors on the parents acceptability of seven contraceptive methods.” (Bunim).

Some people believe that if teenage girls stay at their homes most of the time and walk around where there are a lot of people, the won’t get kidnapped or raped and never end up pregnant.

Teenage girls should be allowed to express their opinions and feelings. They are old enough to understand what’s right or wrong.They should decide whether or not be on birth control.

According to Ucsf.edu, it also states that “This conflict of interest puts teenage females in danger if they are sexually alive without the usage of birth control and contraceptives, these dangers consist of getting pregnant and contracting an STD or HIV.” Drinking birth control prevent you from catching these type of diseases.(Bunim).

Some people might think that teenage girls shouldn’t be on birth control or shouldn’t be having sex but people have to understand that some teenage girls want to experience and many girls now and days are getting pregnant more and more each year.

Teenage girls should have the right suggest whether or not they should be on birth control because they would know the responsibilities they would go through in life. If they dont be on birth control and they are still going to have sex behind their parents back. If your parent don’t like you doing things behind their backs, they should be able to trust you more and let you do whatever you think it’s best for you.

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"Birth Control and Contraceptives: Should Teenage Girls Need Parental Consent?" Kontrol Magazine. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Jan. 2014.

"Parents of Teen Girls More Accepting of Birth Control Pills than Other Contraceptive Methods." University of California, San Francisco. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Jan. 2014.]]>
<![CDATA[D-Day]]>Fri, 06 Jun 2014 13:38:16 GMThttp://naddytizz.weebly.com/journal/d-day To be 18 years old and having to come ashore on those horrific beaches in the midst of battle look really terrifying. It's really sad how young man had to fight/ battle. They didn't live their lives how they planned it. They had so many years more to live their lives and enjoy it. Their mothers where stressing and their family members. 18 is such a young age. They not strong enough, they not really built up for activities like these.
I think men and women of that era are known as "The Greatest Generation" because they fought and died for us. They put it all of their efforts.
<![CDATA[Insurance]]>Wed, 04 Jun 2014 13:35:03 GMThttp://naddytizz.weebly.com/journal/insuranceIn the article it states that having health, medical, renter's and flood insurance. I believe that these are really the main important ones. These are good to boil things down so you know what you need, and you have resources to go looking for other types if they're applicable to you. These insurance will cover up any accident or emergency you have especially auto insurance. It's it very important that you have every insurance you can possibly have in life because you never know what can go wrong.
<![CDATA[Investing Vs. GamblingĀ ]]>Mon, 02 Jun 2014 13:37:22 GMThttp://naddytizz.weebly.com/journal/investing-vs-gamblingThe main point of this article is explaining to us that investing and gambling is two different things. I believe that they are and many people should stop confusing them with each other. I think that its important to know their differences.
<![CDATA[Memorial Day]]>Fri, 23 May 2014 13:43:49 GMThttp://naddytizz.weebly.com/journal/memorial-day    I honestly respect and honor those who sacrificed for us and fought and protected our country. The video really expired me. I see how many families stress and go through a lot. I see all the struggles and consequences that these solders have to make. I appreciate all their hard work.

    They are the reason why we have vacations and why we're home with our families. They are the reason why we have no harm. With them I feel safe.I can see how they treat one and other, like family. They work hard together and never leave a man back. I like that team work is involved.
    I wish I can tell them how thankful I am and honored for them to do all this for us. All the wars they been through and never give up on us.

    Thank You.

<![CDATA[My MajorĀ ]]>Tue, 13 May 2014 14:03:32 GMThttp://naddytizz.weebly.com/journal/my-majorThe major that I want is health (Pediatrician).
I choose this in this point in my life because I like working with kids and i would like to save people's lives. I know that i would make a lot of money if i start that career. I like working with medical things. I was interested in this major since I was in 5th grade.
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